Please note:

Any violations to these policies will result in repossession of golf cart — without refund — and charges will be assessed due to damages.

The same rules that you would follow if you were driving a vehicle on the road also apply when you are driving a golf cart on the road. This includes driving on the beach. Any violation is subject to penalties and/or fines under section 1-15 of the General Provisions of the Municipal Code and/or applicable traffic laws.

Bron’s policies:

  • Only Persons with a valid driver’s license may drive the golf cart.
  • Don’t drive on Highway 361, south of the intersection at Avenue G.
  • No Reckless driving (speeding, donuts, driving in the sand dunes, ect.)
  • Don’t drive past mile marker 45.
  • Don’t drive in the water. (if a cart is driven in the water, charges of $1,000 up to $8,000+ will be charged for damages)
  • Stay behind the pylons.
  • If a cart tips on its side, fees between $1,000-$5,000 will be charged to cover damages.
  • In the event the cart is lost, stolen, or damaged, the person renting the cart is responsible for any replacement, repair, or loss of rental costs that might result.
  • If damages to a cart are caused by another vehicle, it is the obligation of the person renting the cart to obtain insurane and license form that dirver, and to file a police and/or insurance report, if needed, and/or cover costs.
  • Return the golf cart with unleaded fuel once returned, if we have to put any gas in the cart, the renter will be responsible to pay a $30 refuel fee.
  • Bron’s Beach Carts Informational Alerts. Message Frequency Varies. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Reply STOP to stop. Reply HELP for info or you can reach us at sales@bronsbeachcarts.com or (972) 839-1679. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

Port Aransas Policies:

  • Don’t drive on highway 361, south of Avenue G.
  • Don’t drive on any public sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, playground, public park, school ground, or other public recreational areas not designated for motor vehicle traffic.
  • Golf carts may only be operated by persons with a valid operator’s permit and/or driver’s license.
  • While the golf cart is in motion, the driver and every other occupant of a golf cart must remain seated in a seat designed to hold passengers.
  • No person may ride in the lap of the driver or any other occupant.
  • Golf carts are considered motor vehicles. Most traffic laws apply to their operation- including seat belt, open container and DWI laws.
  • The beach road is a city street.
  • Golf carts must move to the right and yield the right of way to faster moving vehicles.
  • Any child that is needs to be in a car seat in a vehicle needs to be in a car seat on a golf cart.