Rental Policies & Regulations

Rental Policies – Bron’s Beach Carts

Any violations to these policies will result in repossession of golf cart — without refund — and charges will be assessed due to damages.

Only persons with a valid driver’s license may drive the golf cart.

Don’t drive on Highway 361, south of the intersection at Avenue G.

Don’t drive past mile marker 45.

No reckless driving (speeding, donuts, driving in sand dunes, etc.).

Don’t drive in the water. (If a cart is driven in water, charges of $1,000 up to the cost of the cart ($7,000+) will be charged for damages).

Stay behind pylons.

If a cart tips on its side, fees between $1,000-$2,000 will be charged to cover damages.

In the event the cart is lost, stolen or damaged, the person renting the cart  is responsible for any replacement, repair or loss of rental costs that might result.

If damages to a cart are caused by another vehicle, it is the obligation of the person renting the cart to obtain insurance and license information from that driver, and to file a police and/or insurance report, if needed, and/or cover costs.

Port Aransas Golf Cart Regulations

The same rules that you would follow if you were driving a vehicle on the road also apply when you are driving a golf cart on the road. This includes driving on the beach. Any violation is subject to penalties and/or fines under section 1-15 of the General Provisions of the Municipal Code and/or applicable traffic laws.

Don’t drive on Highway 361, south of the intersection at Avenue G.

Don’t drive on any public sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, playground, public park, school ground, or other public recreational area not designated for motor vehicle traffic.

Golf carts may only be operated by persons with a valid operator’s permit and/or driver’s license.

While the golf cart is in motion, the driver and every other occupant of a golf cart must remain seated in a seat designed to hold passengers.

No person may ride in the lap of the driver or any other occupant.

Golf carts are considered motor vehicles. Most traffic laws apply to their operation — including seat belt, open container and DWI laws.

Golf carts must move to the right and yield the right of way to faster moving vehicles.

The beach road is a city street.

Source: Scott Burroughs, Chief of Police, Port Aransas, Texas. For more information, download Golf Cart Information and Regulations (PDF) from the City of Port Aransas.